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There's nothing worse than feeling like life is spiraling out of control, you feel alone, you feel pain, you feel like you have no purpose. 


Each day is on repeat. You wake up, eat sugar, waste the day at work, play video games or watch Netflix until early morning, barely sleep and hit repeat. 


Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and before you know it, you are in a dark place with crazy thoughts. 


You see those around you making progress and having a purpose in their life and wonder how they have it all figured out. 


You start to wonder what they have that you don't, and question what they're doing that you're not.


You start doubting yourself...

You start questioning everything… 

You start having a weird feeling in your stomach...

You feel like there is no escape from the spiral you are in. 


The mental struggle turns into a physical struggle. You're not hitting the gym or working out like you used to. 


You try getting the motivation to start it all up again. 

You try asking friends for a helping hand. 

You try stepping out of your comfort zone. 


But after a few days, it all stops. 


You have tried so many times, that now you just feel empty. 


I know exactly how you feel... because I've been there myself.

I spent years feeling like I was making no progress. 


Lost in the spiral of life, losing control of my mental and physical health whilst simultaneously applying pressure to all my relationships with those who I love. 


Cruising through the days, leveling up on my Xbox, or completing seasons of Netflix, but achieving what I wanted to in real life...


I was trying every program and watching every youtube video I possibly could. 


I knew others had the same pains as I did, 

I knew others who were in a downward spiral. 

And then it hit me. 


I realized that the root cause of all of my problems was not the programs I had tried or the YouTube videos I watched, but my ability to stick to them. 


Because the REAL PROBLEM I had was a lack of self-discipline and confidence in my own ability.


That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands...


If you don't know who I am, my name is Samuel Main. 

I'm a health and fitness coach, a business coach, mental health advocate, and a world traveler.

 I am on a mission to help others be better in business and in life.


Don't get it confused... I am your typical guy. 

I am performance-driven and down-to-earth. A business nerd and an adventure seeker. 


I spent the last 8 years coaching others to be the best version of themselves, whether that is in business or in their personal life.


I know what it takes...


It takes confidence.

It takes consistency. 

It takes belief in yourself.

It takes resiliency.

It takes perseverance.


And unfortunately, these do not come naturally. 


It takes work. 


These are skills you can develop ... IF you choose to commit to being a better you. 


I've taken everything I've learned about positive change and optimizing performance, and made it into a program I call The Main Project.


Intentionally putting you as the main focus, the main project to work on, so that you can serve those around you. 


Again, this is not a health and fitness program, this is a transformative performance project, although there will be physical changes. 

How To Take Complete Control Of Your Life In Only 70 Days...


If you're looking for a new fitness program, this is not it.

This is a program that puts your headspace and performance as the focus. 

Are there physical changes? Yes! 

Gaining control of your biology is important in life, but it is not the sole focus of this program.

 The real results from The Main Project are how strong you become mentally. 

As you read & learn about the program below, keep that in mind.

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