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3 Powerful Questions.

Whilst interviewing a close friend of mine for The MAIN Journey podcast, he flipped the script and put me on the spot.

With this, he challenged me with various questions which I want to share with you today.

  1. What would you like to achieve within 5 years?

You see, with the madness that we have had over the last couple of years, nothing is promised. On top of this, there is so damn much that you can achieve in a small amount of time.

Whether your goal is to climb a mountain, pay off a house, or to travel, whatever it may be, you can do so much in 5 years.

So, sit with this question.

What is on your bucket list?

What is something you have continued to put off?

Why not take action on this now?

2. What three people would you like to sit around a campfire with dead or alive, and why?

Now, this guest on the show shared his three people, and two of the three were family that had passed. This took me by surprise, because we automatically go towards celebrities or people that have achieved amazing feats, and yet, he wanted to be with family.

This made me grateful to still have my family close by, but also challenged me to make a bigger effort with my close ones.

So, question two, what three people would you like to sit around a campfire with dead or alive, and why?

3. What advice would your future self give you today?

I LOVE this question. It constantly challenges you to be better, to reflect, and be consciously aware of the decisions you are making every single day.

However, this guest gave an answer that I am yet to encounter. His answer, nothing. He knew he was on track, he knew he is doing his best, he is present and content.

This again took me by surprise, and I found the answer very profound.

He mentioned the immense amount of work he has put into reflection and personal development, which has allowed him to achieve this level of headspace. This is the goal, and was a steep learning curve for me.

So, ask yourself the question, what advice would your future self give you today?

Grab a coffee, put some low fi music on, sit by the fire and ask yourself these questions.

Hope this helps today.

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main


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