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6 Steps To Help Design Your Life

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Whilst revisiting a few of my favourite books & my notes, I came across something that has now been stuck in my mind.

‘Be the designer of your world & not merely the consumer of it’.

I interpret this as simply surviving day by day, not growing and expanding, can be detrimental over a long period of time.

Although sometimes this can be the only option, and surviving is our minimum requirement, I think that if you have been in this headspace for a while, it is time to make a few changes.

If you are always reacting to events, losing track of time, feeling like you are running on a hypothetical treadmill and not ever being in a place of proactivity, this is for you.

Here are six quick steps you can take to go from a place of survival to a place of thriving, plus start to be the designer of your life and not the consumer.

  • Understand your current situation and the challenges you are facing.

This is taking the time to reflect on your biggest barriers and challenges, awareness is key.

  • Establish your goals and future direction.

Before we can make any changes, we have to understand where we are heading and what we’d like to achieve. Take the time to map out your 30,180 and 365 day goals, so you can start being intentional with your moves.

  • Set your intentions and the behaviour changes required.

So that we can become all that we’d like to be, you have to put in place the character and behavioural changes. Write down who’d like to become, how your best self operates and views themself. This creates a better future self and allows you to see what you need to do to change.

  • Create awareness of the challenges that may occur.

Before we can change our circumstances, we have to understand the challenges that may occur. Write a short list of the challenges that may come with making a change and improving your behaviours. By doing this, we can look to handle these challenges before they even arise.

  • Implement.

The hardest part. Implement the changes you need, and be disciplined in consistency.

  • Adapt and overcome.

When you inevitably hit the challenges that life will throw your way, take them on the chin, adapt and overcome.

This is how you can start to design your life, and be proud of the progress you are making.

Hope this helps today.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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