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A Father Leading The Way Through Business - Nikos Saklabanakis - The MAIN Journey! #007

A Father Leading The Way Through Business - Nikos Saklabanakis - The MAIN Journey! #007

Nikos, did not start out as the man you see today.

He was the unconfident, overweight and unhappy client seeking out his own body transformation. ⁣

He invested in myself, shredded a load of timber off his gut and reached new levels with his physique and mindset.⁣

Nikos became a PT in 2011 and started helping others with their own transformation, but with a full client roster, the 4am starts were taking their toll.

Nikos started to transition online, but it was not an easy road.

After significant investmens, and a lot of work to learn the skills in sales, marketing and community building, he made progress.

Although he loved helping other dads, he also fell in love with the operations behind the scenes of building a business, and knew it was time for another change.

With this, Nikos and Rich started the company Fitness Sales Systems to help other online coaches build their online business.

I cannot thank Nikos enough for coming on the show and sharing his own journey, plus many tips and tricks about building a business.

A fun guest to have on the show, and someone who never fails to share the truth and his thoughts.

Thanks again Brother.

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