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A Little Life Update.

Hey team,

Thought I’d take some time away from making memes and share a little update about business, life and training.

  1. Business.

This year, I started my own coaching business helping fitness professionals optimise profits whilst finding peace in the madness of entrepreneurship.

So far, I have been absolutely loving it.

Having considerably more flexibility and freedom with my coaching than before, has allowed me to have a bigger impact on those that I work alongside.

This means I can actually go into each client's business and implement the tasks we discuss.

This, plus the consistent high level of support and community, has really proven effective and so far the feedback has been very promising.

The two big challenges for my clients is expanding their audience or audience conversion, so we are actively working on improving these.

I am currently designing and implementing an idea portal, for which clients will have access too to continue challenging them to be better.

This takes time, a lot of research and planning, but I hope it will prove to be very valuable for my clients as time passes.

The main area for improvement for Samuel Main Coaching and my business is my personal marketing and content output.

I have so much knowledge and experience to share, I just need to share it more often…

So I am looking forward to creating more content, likely in blog format and video. We shall see ;)

2. Part Time Consulting

Alongside my own business, I consult for a Financial Advisor company in the US, acting as a client success director.

Despite the timezone challenges, this has been a great experience and great exposure to another industry away from the fitness industry.

Fortunately for me, my skills have been very transferable and this has allowed me to make an impact in a short period of time.

Managing this part time role plus my own business certainly keeps me busy, but it is invaluable experience and a company that has big potential.

3. Health & Fitness.

Finally, my own training and health.

Post lockdown, I was getting back into CrossFit and training consistently, feeling good and strong.

However, this took a sharp u-turn as I got hurt.

I started having severe pains in my chest whenever I took a big breath, never a good thing to have…

Turns out to be inflammation in my rib cage, but potentially related to my stomach operation from 9-10 years ago.

This put a complete halt to all training, and even walking up a hill required me to take breaks.

I have since hired a nutrition coach to help with the inflammation, become best mates with a doctor, been for x rays, rested for weeks, and just now getting back into the gym to practice bodyweight squats and push ups… So I am on the mend slowly, but I’ll take all the progress I can get.

Overall tho, feeling really good, stoked with the progress of my clients and business, working on exciting projects with the US company, my health is improving day by day and I have more opportunities showing up all the time.

I aim to continue making progress in my health, wealth and happiness.

There have of course been more challenging days, which rarely make the social media highlight reel, and I expect more to come, but I am confident in my direction and the path I am on.

Anyway, if you have read this far, know that I appreciate you.

Hope you are happy & healthy.

Much love,

Samuel Main

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