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An insight into the state of happiness.

I had it all wrong.

Having spent time with badass people, who I can only describe as winners, it has shown me how I have potentially been driving in the wrong direction all this time.

I am now going through a process of unlearning a lot of the beliefs I have held.

What I have learnt is that when we set goals and have these big dreams, it could be setting us up for discontent and a lifetime of unhappiness.

Naval Ravikant shares :

‘Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want’.

Read that again.

Although goals can be incredible for providing a direction and a mark of achievement, it can also become a detriment to your day to day headspace.

The goalposts will keep moving too, so if we are unhappy until we achieve our goal, you’ll constantly be in a position of unhappiness.

What I understand from this at this stage, is the importance of flipping the script a little…

We focus too much on a big act or a specific accomplishment, whereas a potential better approach is to define the journey and the person you have to become to achieve it.

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds in 30days, how about you set out to become a person who exercises before work every morning.

If your goal is to buy a rental property in 12 months time, how about you set the intention to live below your means day by day, a person who tracks their income / expenses and who aims to become more valuable in their chosen career.

I have a lot of improvements to make in this department, having always simply set specific goals in the past, but I am trying to change this.

My intention is to create a lifestyle that supports my passions, optimise my health, growth in my investments and create freedom with my time.

I am doing this, by ensuring I become the person that :

  • Consistently goes to the gym.

  • Prioritises healthy & nutritious foods.

  • Is a lifelong student in business and wealth.

  • Scheduling time to be with my friends and family.

If I can do this, I can stay in a state of happiness despite the inevitable challenges that life will throw my way.

It is interesting to me that the true path to happiness seems to be by subtraction, not addition.

Something for me to ponder on further.

Hope this was valuable for you today & gave you a different perspective on goal setting and staying in a state of happiness.

Much love legends.

Speak soon.


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