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Back on the horse post safari…

Full transparency, getting back to business has been TOUGH since returning from my trip to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Who knew, taking 3 weeks off would be so challenging.

Coming back to running my business, managing other companies I work alongside, launching a new start up and committing to daily posting on my YouTube channel has definitely pushed me to become more efficient in my day to day.

Add on top, trying to get back into lifting weights, paying for all the amazing travels I have had this year, have a social life and attend the endless weddings / stag parties this year, man it has been a rollercoaster.

I am fortunate to even have these challenges, but it doesn’t make them any easier in the moment.

My health and headspace suffered a lot in the last few weeks, lack of sleep, early meetings, late meetings, pressure building etc.

However, it is time I put a stop to this and use these opportunities as a stepping stone for more.

Life & business is looking up!

Getting back in the gym, training often, finding a better balance with work and seeing progress too.

Having picked up my favourite book, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, skimming through my previous highlights, a few quotes stood out for my current position and I thought they may help you too…

  1. The one thing you have to do is avoid the risk of ruin.

  2. You have to watch your health.

  3. Take rational optimistic bets with big upsides.

It was almost as if the book knew what I needed to read.

Risk of ruin, especially in this climate, is so incredibly important.

Don’t burn all your bridges, protect your health, your headspace and your assets at all costs.

Watch your health, because if this fails, everything stops. Perfect reminder for me to get back on track.

Rational bets with big upside, although right now the start up is very demanding, it also has huge potential for growth in the years to come. Stick with it, and continue to build.

You see, we all need these reminders every now and then.

Reset, and go again.

Thanks for continuing to be a part of my journey.


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