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Bad Days

I am writing this to you today, from a place of reflection.

You see, yesterday was incredible.

Great night’s sleep, really good workout, productive morning spent reading, then creating content, client check ins, exciting coaching calls and a walk along the seafront with a friend.

Fast forward to today, my sleep was a little off, I got drenched on my morning walk, I could not stop yawning whilst reading this morning, building a business inherently brings stress and my motivation for the day is damn low.

However, despite these challenges, I wanted to share with you a few lessons I have been able to take away from it.

You see, on the front of it, I have hit all my habits, followed my routines as normal, been on a spell of multiple good days.

But yet, I still have had what feels like a bad day.

It is a reminder for me that bad days happen when we do not expect it.

Often, it is not in your control, you can do everything right but still feel deflated.

What you can control though, is how you respond to these bad days and situations.

From this point on for the rest of the day, I’ll be focusing on a few things.

  1. Change my environment.

  2. Who knew that spending multiple hours in the same office each day takes its toll? But changing my location for a short period of time, and getting out in nature will help.

  3. Prioritise my headspace, self care and time off.

  4. It is important for me to hit my non negotiables for my working day and what I want to achieve in business, but then it is equally as important to create space for me to switch off and relax.

  5. Speak to those in my circle.

  6. For everyone, it is important we consciously make an effort to talk to those around us. Everyone’s social lives have been impacted by the worldwide pandemic, but those relationships with family and friends are still incredibly important.

  7. Create time to reflect, journal and release.

  8. Journaling, creating thinking time and establishing awareness of these bad days is important. It will allow me to understand why it has happened, what I can do to move forward from it and what lessons I can take from it for next time.

So, this is my plan for the rest of the day.

I hope that when you have a bad day, which unfortunately is inevitable at some point, you can use the points above to help you dig out of a hole too.

As always, I’ll continue to share my journey, the good, the bad and the ugly :)

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main

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