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Becoming a better human.

The final pillar, 3 of 3.

And also, post 4 of #4 to wrap up this short sequence, if you’ve missed the others, where have you been?!

The final pillar which helps keep me on my path in business, is ‘Becoming a better human’.

The question, why is ‘Becoming a better human’ an important pillar for me.

Pillar 1 is fulfilment efficiency, which for me is focused solely on performance in business.

Pillar 2 is lifestyle optimisation, which for me is finding the balance between business and personal life.

Pillar 3 is becoming a better human, which for me is focused on personal life, and being intentional in my growth, spiritually, physically, intellectually and in my relationships.

It is a reminder for me that there is more to life than working all day every day, and that I need to have a separator from the day to day grind.

I created this pillar by combining two quotes from two people I look up to for guidance, inspiration and support.

You may know this guy… Kobe Bryant, and he has a mantra surrounding the Mamba Mentality which is

‘ A constant quest to be the best version of one’s self’.

Then, my best friend has a much simpler mantra which I think is incredibly powerful, this is :

‘Be better’.

So short, direct and simple, but it answers so many questions too.

Pillar #3 for me, as you can now see, is the combination of these two mantras.

And let’s break this down further, word by word…

‘Becoming’ = The recognition that this is a journey of unlearning and learning.

‘Better’ = Progress is always an option, so make progress on the person you were yesterday.

‘Human’ = People won’t remember how much money they made, they will remember how good of a person you were and how you treat them.

I hope this gives you further insight into why these pillars are important for me.

On Day 1, I gave you a task to create your own 3 pillars.

And by now, I hope that you have completed this task.

If you have, please share them below as I’d love to see.

Hope these posts have been valuable for you.

Speak soon.


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