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Changing How We Think

Hey loyal reader,

I have been pressing my clients recently, to take more time to

Take the time to reflect on their business and ultimately have more downtime.

However, I had a realisation today that I want to share and I think it will have value for you all.

I have always thought of downtime as sitting in a coffee shop, or a comfy place, with a notepad and a coffee.

Then, use this time to ask questions and challenge yourself to be better.

You see, having this thinking time is so incredibly important. It allows you to grow, to assess your current plan and ensure you are on the right path.

There is no point in moving 5 or 6 steps forward, if they are leading you in the wrong direction.

This is why my clients have monthly, and quarterly assessments, plus weekly check ins with me to hold them accountable.

Upon reviewing a client's quarterly assessment, I realised that although the coffee shop approach of thinking time or downtime works for me, it is not the case for everyone.

Some of my best ideas for business have also come to me whilst on a walk early in the morning, camping with friends and talking about business, or even when completing a long cardio workout.

You see, you have to create space away from your computer and in a different environment, so you can be challenged in different ways.

We cannot escape the fact of how important this thinking time is, but what we can do is increase the frequency at which we are in a place to reflect, or to create an environment for us to grow and improve.

So, if you know that you need to take a break, stop, think and reflect.

And, sitting in a coffee shop just doesn't cut it for you, find a different way for you to have downtime.

Go for a walk with a friend who is in a different business industry than you.

Book a cabin in the woods for a day or two.

Go to an event for business owners.

Do something out of the ordinary, so you can be challenged both in business and in life to grow, expand your circle and think outside of the box.

I hope this has helped you today.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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