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Coaching Team

In business, it is important that we understand our current limitations.

If you can only handle 20 clients at any given time, and you already have 18 clients, then rushing to get another two clients will not serve you.

It is time to start increasing your fulfilment capacity, testing a new offer price and building a coaching team.

What if I told you that you could actually increase how many clients you serve per month, plus increase the profit you make, all whilst outsourcing the work of client fulfilment?

Would you be interested?

Well, it is impossible, and it could quite simply change your business and life.

If you are a solopreneur right now, and you are close to hitting your own fulfilment capacity, you have hit a roadblock in your growth, and you are ready to start developing a coaching team, now’s your opportunity.

This will help you get away from working every hour under the sun, doing all the work yourself and to be able to continue making money whilst you take a holiday.

It is possible.

If interested, send me a DM with the words ‘coaching team’ and I’ll be sure to send across the details…

Samuel Main

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