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Compassion & Empathy in business.

My degree is in coaching, and with this I was given an in depth insight to the importance of care in a working relationship.

Now, having transitioned from a personal trainer, CrossFit coach and now into business coaching, helping fit pro’s scale their business online, it gives me a unique perspective on how cut throat business can be.

I personally see a big shift happening within the industry.

I feel like, and I am hoping I am correct in this, that people are beginning to see past the businesses that just do not care for the customer.

Those businesses that only care for the sale.

They pride themselves on rapid results, being assertive and aggressive in their approach.

And I get it, this can work, it is how some clients can get incredible results in a short period of time.

However, it also can be incredibly damaging and harmful for other clients.

I fully understand that there are times you need this pressure and assertiveness.

But for longevity & sanity, it is not the best approach for everyone that comes through a program, and this is where I see so many mistakes being made.

I am consistently being exposed to new businesses, new people and new entrepreneurs trying to get by in these tough times.

And with this, I can really sense that there is a severe lack of compassion and empathy right now.

I am a big advocate for developing long term relationships with clients, and building foundations for the long term.

Leading with compassion & empathy.

After all, we work with humans, not just numbers.

Hope this helps today.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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