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Creating Leverage

Last week, I had a coaching call with a business owner, who has been working tirelessly for 18+ months.

Running a business consistently achieving over $10k per month in revenue is not easy, especially alongside the difficulty of having adult responsibilities.

Whether that is kids, a partner, doing the laundry or trying to find any time for self care.

Now, I am limited in how much advice I can share here as I have a low amount of responsibilities.

However, our conversation quickly turned to how we can create leverage for her in her life.

We know that if we can have an extra hour, or even 5 extra hours to work within the business or to catch up on sleep, we can increase her monthly revenue in her business.

Therefore, we started looking at her schedule and establishing what tasks can be automated, delegated or deleted.

Examples :

  • Hiring a VA to manage data tracking and admin.

  • Automating your onboarding process.

  • Hiring a cleaner for the house once a week.

By doing this, it can create space either for income producing activities, or to provide the time / energy to be able to do more of the things you love.

So if you are feeling like you are being pulled in every direction, always busy but never producing and feeling like you have hit a blockage in the road, it is time to create more leverage.

Take the time to review your current schedule, and where your focus is going. Working more hours may not be the answer to your issues.

Hope this has helped!

Samuel Main

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