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Data & Discipline

I was reminded this week the importance of knowing your numbers in business.

Let’s be honest, there is only an extremely small amount of the population who love staring at and delving into spreadsheets every day.

Completing admin, updating spreadsheets, replying to emails etc, are all a part of the process of owning and building a business.

They are easy to be forgotten about, but this is the reminder you know you have needed, that your admin and data is important.

You see, I don’t love completing the admin and tracking the numbers like everyone else.

However, what I do love is being able to analyze the data and bring comfort to the decisions I am making.

Spotting patterns, making decisions based on logic and not emotion, creating awareness of progress, it is all important to the bigger picture.

  • Have an issue with your sales right now? What does the data show?

  • Not delivering consistent results? What does the data show?

  • Not having enough sales calls booked each week? What does the data show?

Be disciplined in the fundamental work, so you can have freedom with everything else.

I hope you are happy & healthy.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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