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Deciding your own path.

Let’s talk about comfort and security.

I recently had a conversation with an online coach, who quite simply, was struggling.

They had made heavy investments into their business with no return.

Took risks without getting the reward.

Worked themself so hard, their health both physically and mentally suffered severely.

So, now they are in a sticky situation with debt increasing monthly, anxiety levels rising and confidence levels decreasing.

Maybe you can relate?

We had an emotional call, one where I asked uncomfortable questions, and gave honest answers.

You see, some businesses and coaches will tell you what you want to hear in business, mainly just to get you off their calendar for that day so they can go back to playing candy crush on their mobile.

And this online coach had been burnt enough.

So I gave my honest opinion on what I thought they should do, which went against the advice they had previously received.

This person needed comfort, security and routine for their mental health.

Their business was not performing and had not been profitable for over 9 months despite working full time on it…

They were chasing someone else's dream, comparing themself and their business to others, and ultimately digging themself a hole each month that passed.

I decided to say, enough is enough, this person needs a consistent income through a full time job whilst they continue to build the foundations of their business.

Giving up was not an option, as the potential of what they could do with their business and the freedom they could gain was so high, but the pain they were in and the hole they were digging, meant that they needed to change the path they are on.

The lesson to take from this, is that, this business you are building, this life you are creating, it is not to compete with anyone else, it is to make yourself happy and to improve your life.

And you may not need a high stress business with multiple thousands of revenue to be happy.

Maybe, a couple thousand extra each month could change your life drastically.

If that is the case, focus on what you can control and put the blinkers on from those around you on very different paths.

Take the time to reflect on why you are in business, and anytime you are not getting the service or return on investment promised, question it thoroughly.

Use your business to serve you and help you lead the life you want to have.

I hope this has helped today.

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main

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