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Exposure & Its Impact On Motivation…

I was fortunate enough to get tickets recently to watch my Brother, @harrisen perform a gig in Cardiff, for the festival of the dead rock show.

It was incredible.

1000+ in the crowd, a loud & powerful orchestra, backing up my Brother singing heavy rock songs.

It exposed me to the possibilities of what we can achieve if we put in the work, stay consistent and show up as our best selves.

Seeing my little Brother up on stage, absolutely crushing it was so motivating for me to be better, do more and keep pushing for my own dreams & goals.

Another example, I recently accepted a new business contract for me to review a business, improve their systems and manage their coaching team.

This company already does over 8 figures a year, and often has 6 figure days with their sales…

Exposure to this company, the team, the offer, the systems, the program and the owner has opened my eyes even further to what is possible.

What you think you can achieve today, is so miniscule to what you can actually achieve should you put your mind and energy towards it.

Dream bigger.

This exposure has again fueled me with motivation to grow, learn and become a better version of myself.

The moral of the story today, constantly change and improve your environment, take the opportunities that come your way, and know that you do not have to stay in the routine or bubble that you are in.

There is so much to learn, so many opportunities to claim and people to meet in this world, you just need to go and explore.

This year promises to be a new

, challenging and fun journey, and I hope you’ll be crushing it too.

Speak soon.

You got this.

Samuel Main

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