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From CrossFit Coach To Million Dollar Business Owner - Chris Spring - The MAIN Journey! #006

This was an incredible conversation with a close friend, Chris Spring.

Working with his amazing fiance, Chris and Lani set out to change the lives of a million women. To help them step into their purpose, wake up happy and live an amazing life.

Lani Nalu is a women's coaching business that we started from scratch, zero dollars... and over the course of 2 years, navigated the online world of marketing, sales and fulfillment to build a million dollar business.

This not only allowed them to change their own lives, the lives of the thousands of women that they serve, but also the lives of hundreds of children around the world as they donate a portion of their profits to charities that help fight human trafficking.

You too can support Operation Underground Railroad here :

A massive thank you to Chris for coming onto the show, sharing his wisdom and journey, and for all the work him & Lani have done for those in need.

Appreciate you buddy!

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