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Fulfilment Efficiency

Pillar 1 of my guiding lights is fulfilment efficiency.

This is post 2 of 4, so you can check out post 1 in the comments below if you want to catch up legends.

What do I mean by fulfilment efficiency?

This is the main problem I solve for any clients that I work with.

It is also the area I get the highest level of enjoyment from and have the biggest influence in.

I help fit pros optimise their client experience, hire a high performance coaching team & scale.

Fulfilment efficiency for me is :

  • the optimisation of your offer and what you are selling,

  • how you deliver your program to repeatedly guarantee results and an incredible client experience,

  • management of the team that helps serve your clients to the highest level,

  • refinement of the systems you have in place to maximise efficiency and tracking,

  • and finally, the macro structure that you have in place to ensure you can achieve the goals you seek.

I know that I can help businesses reduce client dropouts & increase retention, all whilst reducing the time they spend in fulfilment.

Think, more freedom to market and sell your programs, better experience and results for clients and actually building a business that is not solely dependent on your time.

Increased profit, decreased working week.

By focusing on fulfilment efficiency, which I personally believe is a massively under utilised department in the coaching industry, I am able to help businesses get out of the hamster wheel that is marketing and sales 24/7 to pay the bills.

It also enables me to double down on my strengths, whilst simultaneously delivering life changing impact to business owners.

When I get lost and lose track of what I am aiming to achieve, going back to the core pillar of fulfilment efficiency enables me to get back on track.

Hope this has helped today.

Have you decided your first pillar in your business / personal life yet?

Let me know down below.


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