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Have The Courage to Fail.

I recently purchased a poster which displayed how many weeks I have lived, and how many weeks I have left to live…

It sounds morbid I know, but it takes the average age of civilization and provides a timeline for me.

It is a constant reminder that time is ultimately the most important resource we have.

Every single Monday morning, I tick off another week on my poster.

I am one week wiser, but one week closer to the inevitable.

Now, I can easily see how morbid this may be for some, but for me it provides a level of motivation and a reminder for actually how little my worries and stressors are.

It forces me to be more courageous in my endeavours.

It gives me the courage to take action in business and in my personal life too.

A little reminder, you do not have time.

Time is passing by at a consistent rate.

So please, have the courage to seek something you think is out of reach.

Have the courage to fail.

Only then will you learn the lessons you need to learn, and gain true clarity on your purpose, your direction and your trajectory.

I failed multiple times this year, with my business, relationships and my personal health & fitness.

But, these tough times have made me wiser, healthier and wealthier.

Despite things not going the way I wanted, I am grateful for it.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of regret or the feeling of missing an opportunity.

Take the leap, ask for the phone number, hire the mentor, book the flight.

Have the courage to fail, because only once you do this will you succeed in your endeavours.

The poster on my wall reminds me that my time on this planet is limited, so why not take the plunge and make the leap.

Push your boundaries, try new things and never settle for average.

Hope this has helped today.

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main

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