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Hiring A Team

Transition from solopreneur to business owner.

Upon reviewing a client I have been working with for almost a year, I came to realize the massive shift we had made with their business.

Previously, they were working every hour possible, serving clients, trying to keep up with marketing, back to back sales calls and trying everything possible to grow the business.

They had no team, no support system and the entire business relied on their performance every single day.

Hours & hour every day serving clients, with no capacity to grow.

With these limitations in mind, we intentionally went through the process of hiring a coaching team.

We were able to refine their offer, hire a coaching team and implement a consistent management plan.

By hiring a coaching team it increased client results and gave the owners considerably more time for other activities within the business.

  • This enabled them to go from solopreneurs to business owners.

  • It enabled them to take off 2 weeks within the business for a holiday without the business closing down during his period.

  • It allowed them to double their revenue from $20k pm to over $40k pm, achieving back to back six figure quarters.

  • It allowed them to focus on and build the business brand they had envisioned all this time.

By refining their fulfilment, hiring a coaching team and creating more space for marketing & sales, it completely changed their business for the better.

Doubling their revenue and creating freedom. Pretty awesome if you ask me…

So, if your calendar is fully booked with serving clients, and you are struggling to keep up with the demands of marketing and sales, it is time for you to get in touch.

Let me show you how to optimize the client journey, recruit, hire and manage a coaching team, plus show your coaches how to perform at their best.

Comment below with the word ‘TEAM’ and I’ll shoot across the details.

Unless you want to stay as a solopreneur forever, never take a holiday and limit your growth.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

P.S. Again, comment below with the word, ‘TEAM’ and let me help you.

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