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How I create 30+ videos a month in under 10hours a week.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Recently, I have made the conscious decision to heavily lean into my favourite platform, YouTube.

I wanted to stop being a consumer, and lean into becoming a better creator.

This started the development of The MAIN Journey podcast, and it has built considerably since then.

I am now able to post daily at a minimum on my YouTube channel, whilst I also have a catalogue of future uploads ready to go, all whilst working under 10 hours per week for the channel.

So let's answer your initial concerns and questions…

  • Why Should I Post On YouTube Daily?

Actually for a couple of reasons…

First, I am loving the process and the challenge.

It is very confronting to be sharing so much of myself online, so by posting daily it forces me to stay uncomfortable.

Second, if I am going to be able to have a bigger impact in the future and serve more people, I need an audience, and I think YouTube is the platform I’d like to focus on to do this.

It can typically take 100 videos + to gain an audience of 1000 people on YouTube. If I were to post once a week, this would take 2 years to achieve.

I don’t want to wait this long, so by putting the pedal down, I hope to have 200+ videos on my channel by the end of the year…

  • Why Should I Create Content On YouTube?

I personally still see huge potential in YouTube as a platform for building an audience due to the compounding effect of video creation, plus the opportunity for virality.

I also just love using the platform personally, which is different to how I feel about the other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and tik Tok.

  • How Do You Create YouTube Content In Bulk?

It wasn’t always this way…

I used to rely purely on motivation to hit record every week, and then pray I had the energy to stay up all night editing, designing the thumbnail, uploading the files, and doing everything myself.

Until, I realised there are others that LOVE doing these tasks, plus, are considerably better than me at doing so…

So, this realisation started the ball rolling of building my own personal team.

I hired a full-time video editor from the Philippines, who has been an incredible addition to the team. His full-time role is to support me in creating and sharing high-quality content to help those around me.

Secondly, I hired a part-time social media manager. This person aids in quality checking all content, scheduling content, and ensuring my goal of posting daily is accomplished.

I could not achieve my goal without my team, and I owe a lot to them for having the patience and resilience to work with me.

Having these systems, processes, and teams in place allows each of us to stay in our zones of genius. For me, it ensures I spend my time creating value and developing ideas. For my team, they can do the editing & scheduling considerably more efficiently than I can, so it is a win-win situation.

  • How Do You Create Content In Under 10 Hours A Week?

So, here is the breakdown…

Each week, I record the following :

2 x podcast guest interviews, roughly 2 hours each.

2 x intentional topic videos, roughly 1 hour each.

7-10 x short videos, roughly 1 hour total.

That adds up to 7 hours per week specifically for recording content.

Then, add 2 x 30 minute meetings with my team each week, plus a couple of hours for admin and scheduling.

This brings the total to around 10hours per week, not bad considering I am still trying to build two other companies at the same time.

  • This is still under 15 videos though, you said 30+ videos?

You are correct, but the value of creating long-form content like the podcast, means that this can be split into smaller sections for easier viewing.

A typical 60 minute podcast is usually split into 2-3 x 3-8 minute videos, and also into 1-2 x 60 second videos.

This means that from this single hour of recording, I can create between 4 - 6 videos, and I do these twice a week…

It has been a steep learning curve for me leaning into YouTube, but I am loving the process and very proud of the content I am sharing with the world for free.

My goal is to continue learning by myself, documenting the journey, and sharing free value with you all.

Thanks for reading today, and hope you have got value from it.

I appreciate you.

P.S. If you could subscribe here, it’ll make me happy, and may just help you in becoming the best version of yourself too… ol.

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