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How To Achieve High Level Performance - Dr Carla Fowler - The MAIN Journey! #022

In today's episode, I speak with Dr. Carla Fowler.

Carla is the founder and managing director of THAXA, which is an executive coaching firm that helps people achieve big goals through performance science.

Carla grew up on Mercer Island and attended Brown University, where she graduated with a BA in Human Biology. She then completed an MD and a Ph.D. in immunology at the University of Washington.

In today's episode, we discuss the critical best practices of performance science.

1= Brutal Focus - Being strategic. 2 = Relish Uncertainty - psychological challenges.

3 = Cultivate Power - leverage and productivity.

You can find more info about THAXA and Carla here :


Thank you Carla for your time and for being so open in sharing your journey and knowledge.

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