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How To Hire, Build & Scale Teams In Business - Jason Skeesick - The MAIN Journey! #027

Jason, a Father and a husband is the host of The Spear and Clover Podcast. The show where Military Mindset meets The Spirit of the Puppy. Jason has coached hundreds of renegade entrepreneurs who bet it all on their passions, utilizing his degree in finance and experience in the commercial world, to help break down the fundamentals of business. On top of this, Jason has owned a CrossFit gym in Chicago for the past 12 years, is an Army Veteran having served two deployments to Iraq, and has a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, woodworking, and restoring classic cars! This is such a great episode where we delve deep into his journey in business, and what he is building now too. You can find Jason here : Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with all my uploads!

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