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How To Increase The Client Experience

Today I want to share with you a few tips on improving the experience your clients have within your program, without increasing how many hours you spend with them each week.

You see, we naturally think that clients want more time with us every single week.

Hours & hours to get them a result a

nd provide an incredible experience.

However, this is not the case.

What we need to do is increase the perception of our support and the frequency, whilst continuing to deliver a result.

So, how do we go about doing this?

Rather than increasing the amount of time you spend with clients each week, aim to increase the touchpoints.

This means, rather than speaking to them for long periods of time each week, aim to increase how many times you touch base with them.

Increase how many times you com

municate with your clients in an official and repeatable manner.

So, if you just have once a week meeting with your clients, you may need to improve this to have a bigger impact moving forward.

You could possibly look to meet with your clients once a week, but provide video feedback once a week also.

What if you provided a nutrition / training report on a Monday, had a group coaching call with all clients on a Wednesday and a personal short 1to1 call on a Friday.

With this example, you would now have 3 touchpoints with your clients each week compared to the one.

This is a high level of support, but only a small amount of time per week for you with each client each week.

This is how you can start to increase the experience for clients, improve the results you deliver whilst decreasing the time you spend with clients each week.

Andddd, we have not even discussed the positives of increasing your fulfilment capacity within your business by doing this.

Increase touchpoints with clients, don’t increase your time.

Hope this helps today.

Samuel Main

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