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How To Love Yourself - Caleb Nelson - The MAIN Journey #001

The FIRST Episode of The MAIN Journey!

We welcome Caleb Nelson to the microphone.

In this podcast, we talk in detail about Caleb's journey, the lessons he has learnt about business, coaching, sales, marketing and his own personal development.

Alongside this, I have my first EVER NFT’s up for sale.

There are two types of NFT’s up for sale, which will grant access to further coaching for you & your business at significant discounts.

Option 1 - How To Love Yourself - Caleb Nelson - The MAIN Journey #001

This NFT grants access to a 1:1 call with Samuel Main, to fully review your business and create an action plan that’ll allow you to scale your business and live with more freedom.

By purchasing the NFT, you get to keep the digital art as your own, but the true value is in how much I’ll be able to scale and change your business from doing so.

To work alongside me as a coach, it will never be this cheap again.

You’ll gain access to my private client trainings, access to group coaching calls with myself and expert guests, plus 1:1 support with me for a limited time.

All of this, for a tenth of the price I typically charge to work alongside me.

Reminder, only 1 of these up for grabs, so act fast.

Price : 0.05 ETH, roughly $170. One time payment.

Option 2 - 10 Caleb Nelson - The MAIN Journey #001 Collectibles

These collectibles grant access to my private community in Discord, which gives you access to my weekly coaching calls.

These coaching calls will be delivered by myself and the occasional guest that comes on the podcast.

We only have 10 total of these collectibles up for grabs, which means only 10 spots for the group coaching.

Imagine, access to myself and guests, for under a $1 a day…

I’ve helped countless businesses scale their operations and become more operational, and if you act fast, this could be the best investment into coaching you’ll ever make.

Cost of each collectible : 0.008 ETH, roughly $30. One time payment.

I am incredibly excited to bring this podcast to you.

I am also over the moon to bring a new concept to the coaching space in the form of NFTs.

These are first come, first served items.

Act fast, claim your access to world class coaching for less than ever before.

Thanks for your support & enjoy the podcast.

Samuel Main


Option 1 :

Option 2 :

Please be sure to follow Caleb on his socials here :

Website: Spotify:

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Thanks for joining me again Caleb.

Loved it.

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