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How To Transition From Corporate To Your Own Business - Emma McElhinney - The MAIN Journey! #004

Today, Emma McElhinney joins the show and gives us an insight into her transition from corporate to running her own successful online business.

Emma McElhinney offers world-class online nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching to women age 40+. She is known for creating a successful habit change programme for professional women that helps them drop a dress size in 90 days without giving up favourite foods or sacrificing family time for the gym.

She makes nutrition and fitness accessible to all body shapes, types and fitness levels and helps ladies gain confidence and get control back in their lives without living in the gym and still enjoy family time.

She does this by recognising and understanding pain points and empowers those ladies to enjoy their bodies and stay in control.

Emma’s programme has helped 100’s of women get their mo-jo and bodies back to allow them to tackle family commitments, work promotions and relationships with ease at a time they are told that they should be ‘slowing down’.

As a huge believer in the power of positive thinking, imagination and mindset, along with taking bold actions, Emma knows that anyone can make valuable changes in their life with support and consistency.

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