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The Internal Reward Of Productivity

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Another Amazon Prime day comes & goes.

Look how much money we are saving on each purchase…

Spending £100 but ‘saving’ £60.

Buying all those items on the waiting list.

Getting that rush of adrenaline when those items arrive at the door.

I am just as guilty, having bought myself a standing desk in the Amazon hype.

However, I want to share a reflection from this morning.

Although I am excited to have the standing desk arrive, and the impending adrenaline rush of opening up the package.

I have been getting my endorphins elsewhere.

I have hit that age in adulthood where I have endless responsibilities.

Life & adult admin catching up with me, and like everyone, I have a tendency to procrastinate.

However, I have stepped it up a notch recently and have simply been owning my responsibilities.

Minimal procrastination, completing my to-dos and life admin, and getting the work done.

Developing content for my clients, slowly getting back in the gym after being hurt, sleeping well and really just ticking every box I have on my to do list, and it feels incredible.

And I have to say, although Amazon Prime orders bring a short term boost, consistently being productive and progressing towards my goals is bringing a whole new level of energy and happiness.

The internal reward of productivity and action beats the reward of a physical item 99% of the time.

(Eventually, when I buy a jet ski or a Tesla, I have a hunch that it will feel pretty damn good which will be the other 1%).

So the takeaway here is that you should enjoy the benefits that Amazon Prime days and shopping online can bring, and reward yourself with a few items and gifts if under your means.

However, never forget that the true feelings of happiness, contentment and motivation comes from productivity, discipline and action.

Hope you have enjoyed this today.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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