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It is your responsibility.

Why it is your responsibility as an online fitness business owner to build a team.

If you are working as a personal trainer, or as an online coach, the chances are high that you are a solopreneur right now.

Working hard, doing everything in your business.

Creating content, constantly starting conversations, taking sales calls, serving your clients, writing programs, delivering sessions etc.

But what would happen if you were hit by a car tomorrow?

Or if the gyms get shut down again?

Or you actually decide to take a holiday for the first time in 2 years…

Your business would come to a halt.

Now, imagine that you have spent the time improving your program so clients never want to leave?

Plus, you have built a team of coaches and assistants around you that support your clients better than you can, get better results and actually create freedom for you to focus on other things?

How good would this be?

You see, your clients are depending on you to show up every single day, to hold them accountable, to help them become better versions of themselves and to help them achieve that desired result.

So if you are doing everything yourself in your business, I am automatically going to assume your clients could be served better.

You have a responsibility to your clients to provide an unbelievable experience, undeniable results and a sense of belonging.

You do this by developing a team of people around you, a team that can help you go to the next level.

Imagine having a full time coach who’s sole responsibility is to deliver an incredible experience to your clients.

Imagine having an assistant who can help you take care of the client tracking, social media posting and admin.

It is possible.

If you are looking to escape the trap of being a solopreneur in your fitness business, it is time to reach out & let us help you optimise, hire, systemize and scale your business.

Hope this helps today.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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