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It starts with a decision.

Whilst helping a fit pro who is looking to scale their business, they stated :

‘I literally need to know the step by step process of bringing on additional trainers when I don't have the amount of clientele yet to support additional staff; However if I have that additional help, I can focus on bringing in more clients’

Can you relate?

You see, there is a time in your business where you have to make a decision.

The decision to continue the rat race in your business, doing everything yourself, all the marketing, all the sales calls, serving all the clients and barely scraping by month by month.

If you want to stay as a soloproneur trying to do everything yourself, you can.


You can make the decision to start building a team. Creating the freedom and opportunity to scale your online fitness business. Creating a coaching team that’ll serve your clients better than you ever could. Allow you the space to work on your marketing, and to take those additional sales calls.

And the best bit, this is all in your control.

It starts with admitting that you are fed up with working all the time, doing everything yourself, and never being able to take time off.

Then, you have to make the decision to transition from being a solopreneur to a business owner, and start hiring a team.

Third, comes the really fun part, decide what you’d like to do with the new found freedom in your schedule.

This can be used to double down on your marketing and sales, and put yourself in a position to have your best month ever in business.

Or, it could be to take time off from working, to enjoy the holidays and spend time with your family.

So, if you can relate to the statement above, and you know you have hit your limit, it is time to get in touch.

Reach out today and we can get you started.

Hope this helps today!

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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