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Lessons From The Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence

I somehow stumbled across Iron Cowboy.

Some of you may know who this is, some may not, either way, what he has accomplished is unbelievable.

101 ironman triathlons in 101 consecutive days.

That works out as :

Swimming 3.9km,

Cycling 180km,

And running 42.2km,


Simply incredible.

The physical resilience to get through this and the mental fortitude too, outstanding.

The reason I bring this up is for 2 separate points.

1 - Consistency. Every single day, Iron Cowboy, James wakes up battered and bruised. But he somehow manages to put one arm in front of the other in the pool, presses forward on the bike and one foot forward for the running.

Consistency is something I think we all need to improve on, and a true catalyst for growth.

What task, whether in business or your personal life, is something you want to bring into your life and develop.

What could you accomplish if you committed to something for 100 days?

2 - Resilience. 101 days or aches, pains, and unexplainable discomfort I am sure. The resilience to overcome this and press forward regardless is nothing short of a miracle.

This for me, gives an insight into how strong the human body and mind is. How resilient we are, and how much we can accomplish.

Need to stay up a little late to finish up some work? You’ll be ok.

Have to miss a social event to take an extra sales call? There will be more opportunities.

Tired, burnt out and hurting? Sucks to hear, but welcome to the world of business.

For me, learning about these incredible individuals completing feats brings me motivation and challenges me to be better.

I hope it does the same thing for you.

The same principles show up, time after time.

  • Atomic Habits - Consistency in the fundamentals.

  • High Performance Habits - Getting 1% better each day.

  • Miracle Morning - Repeating your non negotiables.

And so many more.

Let’s all aim to be more consistent with the foundations which bring us closer to our goals.

I hope you are happy & healthy.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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