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Lessons From The TFM Launch!

As you may know, I recently launched The Fulfilment Matrix.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts & lessons from this experience.

1 - Preparation Is Key.

As a team, we had everything prepared way in advance. All the content posts, to go out across all platforms… Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Email etc. By doing this, it took away all the stress leading up to the launch.

2 - Provide Value Up Front.

We probably could have charged for how much value was in the launch presentation. If the attendees apply what was taught, they’ll for sure improve the scalability of their business & increase their profits. By giving away this value, I am confident that when the attendees need support in scaling their business, they’ll know where to turn.

3 - Confidence & Comfort in Delivery.

By now, myself and the team have been in the online space for a long time, this gave us a lot of confidence in the business and the content that we are sharing. When you are confident, and you know the value of what you are delivering, there is no nerves or anxiety leading up to the launch. I was able to present in front of all the attendees, knowing that I am helping them with their business with confidence and excitement for what is to come.

4. Know the worth.

Having helped many fitness professionals scale their online business, I know the value of the offer we have. When you can confidently say that you can help someone go from $10k a month and double that revenue, whilst creating more freedom for them, you know you are onto a winner.

I am very happy with how the launch of the fulfilment matrix went.

The team have been incredible throughout this process, and I cannot wait to start sharing this with more around the world.

If you are a solopreneur, looking to scale your business and become a true business owner, it is time to get in touch!

Message me, and let’s chat.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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