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Lessons on my mind.

Throughout the endless mistakes and failures I have made in business, there are tenfold amounts of lessons.

Having recently started a new project with The MAIN Journey Podcast, it has highlighted a few lessons which I think will be of value for you too.

1 - Hit record.

You see, I have thought about creating a podcast for years. Literally, years. I’d map out a plan, all the questions, the guests I wanted, the places I’d travel etc. However, I missed out the single biggest factor to success in a podcast, and that is, hitting record.

Question : What are you currently procrastinating on?

2 - Simplification is important.

If we overcomplicate production and publication of content. Your most powerful form of marketing and sharing your message is by documenting your journey and being unapologetically you. Nobody can replicate this. Simplify your content production, overcome your limiting beliefs, and start creating.

Question : What are you overcomplicating?

3 - People love authenticity and vulnerability.

Stop pretending to be something you are not. You are already enough. Start sharing your unique journey, share what you value, your lessons, failures and your wins. This for me is important, because The MAIN Journey is about the journey that you yourself are on, and why your growth and development is important. Be you. Just keep working towards being a better you each day.

Question : What excuse are you giving yourself as to why you cannot achieve your dreams?

4 - Connections are everything.

I am only a few episodes in, and I am already beginning to see the true power of connections and networking. It has opened my eyes to where I can improve, provided me clarity on my direction and made me a better coach. The network you already have is the perfect starting point. Network with those people around you, and find a way to connect on a deeper level, because you never know what this may lead you too.

Question : Who in your network would be great to connect with?

5 - Think bigger picture.

Before starting the podcast, I was unaware how much I’d been limiting my own growth, and subsequently limiting how much I was impacting those around me. Hitting record, starting the ball rolling, and gaining exposure to inspirational people, has challenged me to be better already. I have a plan in place for The MAIN Brand, and over the next couple of years, you’ll start to see this come to fruition.

Question : Remove your preconceived limitations. What would you like to achieve if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Anyway, those are just a few lessons from my very short experience into a new project.

I hope you can take the time to reflect on these questions and begin the implementation of your own journey.

I appreciate you.

Samuel Main

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