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Let’s talk about opportunity…

This year may have been my most challenging, uncomfortable and confronting yet.

You may have seen the mistakes and failures, or maybe you didn’t even realise I’d made so many.

However, these challenges have certainly been the key factor for making my year the most successful & valuable yet.

Despite the discomfort, the crippling fear and the risks I have taken, it all had a purpose.

Every time, it was an opportunity disguised as uncertainty, discomfort & fear.

Each mistake and failure brought me one step closer to my goal.

Every time I fell short, it increased the clarity I had on my potential and the direction I was heading in.

The more I learn about psychology, personal development and business, the further I understand the importance of these failures, and putting myself in a position to grow.

So right now, you may be facing a decision.

You may be getting ready to take a leap.

You may even be holding back.

But, I want to remind you that opportunity is often disguised as discomfort, fear and uncertainty.

And to see progress, to grow personally or to scale your business, you have to confront these challenges head on.

There is no other way, otherwise you are simply delaying the inevitable.

You can do this.

Anyway, thought I’d share a few thoughts on my mind right now.

Hope this helps today.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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