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Let’s talk content.

For some, a burden.

For others, a creative outlet.

For me personally, I transition through periods of wanting to write daily and create often, then to periods where I do not even want to load up social media.

Whilst doing a little studying, I came across this concept regarding content by Taylor Welch.

Without going too far into the details, there are four levels to content creation.

Consumption - Base level

Connection - Ground

Articulation - Floor 1

Creation - Floor 2

But, my biggest takeaway was how we can look to be more prolific in our content creation, by increasing our learning and retention.

Want to increase your outputs? Increase your discipline on inputs.

We want to make it a habit to learn deeper, so that we can create with ease.

And we do this by :

1. Learn it while studying.

2. Then write it down elsewhere.

3. Then do a live video or podcast to teach it.

This gives you retention.

This gives a simple structure on how to increase your learning and retention, whilst also providing a plan for creating content both written and video.

So simple, but so effective.

I hope you are all happy & healthy.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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