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Lifestyle Optimisation

We are onto Pillar #2… Lifestyle Optimisation.

This is post 3 of 4, you can catch posts 1/ 2 in the comments if your FOMO is kicking in.

What is lifestyle optimisation, and why is it a core pillar I use to steer my business and life?

Lifestyle optimisation for me, is finding a healthy balance between growing your business whilst simultaneously finding time for the important things in life.

I have fallen victim to it, and so have so many other business owners, in sacrificing themselves to grow the business.

I see it so often, entrepreneurs working 50, 60, 70+ hour work weeks within their business, completely destroying their personal health and relationships in the process.

Who cares how much money you have in the bank account if you’re lying in a hospital bed unable to function or enjoy it, and have no friends or family around you for support?

Especially if you are a solopreneur, your business is dependent on your biology, and one of the biggest risks to your business is the diminishment of your health.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game too, but it does not have to be.

I understand there are times in business when those additional hours and sacrifices need to be made, however, what I see all too often is that this becomes the normal 365 days a year.

This for me is compound interest in a negative way, and the effects build up quickly.

Why is this important and why am I talking about it?

This remains an important pillar of my coaching and a reminder for me too, to maintain a healthy balance between business and my personal life.

  • It means, finding the minimum effective dose to achieve my goals, and also the maximum recoverable volume which is the limit I cannot surpass.

  • It means telling my clients to close the laptop and go for a walk in nature.

  • It means finding the important tasks in business and not wasting time staying busy.

  • It means finding the sweet spot for business growth, sustainability and profit, whilst simultaneously developing a healthy relationship with the business and creating the life you seek.

The book that triggered my business journey was the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, it is apparent that this book is still informing my philosophies today. No complaints here.

There it is, lifestyle optimisation as the 2nd pillar which I focus on for my life and business.

Hope this has been valuable for you today.

More details on the third pillar coming tomorrow.

Have you decided on your second pillar yet?

Let me know down below.


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