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New Tattoo…

Finally, I have clarity.

In 2017, I terrified my Mother and sent her a video of me getting my first ever tattoo… (video in the comments if interested).

This small tattoo on the inside upper left arm, was of a photo I took of a sunset whilst living the island life in Thailand.

It is simple, elegant and meaningful to me.

I attached a saying to the tattoo, which for me was :

‘Enjoy The Moment’.

It was a reminder for me to enjoy life, enjoy the journey, and to be present.

Fast forward another year, and I was back coaching in Dubai.

Living the city life now surrounded by massive skyscrapers and living at a different pace.

The hustle, the grind and the fight.

Whilst taking a break away from the madness, I took a photo of a sunrise across the skyline of Dubai.

I knew right away, this was to be my next tattoo but I could not get clarity on what saying I wanted to match the tattoo, and I finally have it.

Whilst deep in the pain cave climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I came up with a way for me to stay motivated, to keep moving and put one foot in front of the other.

This was, ‘Enjoy The Arena’.

It was a reminder to be grateful for the suffering, to enjoy the process, but also respect that you are in a fight.

And, as my mate Theo would say, all credit belongs to the man in the arena.

Island life vs city life.

Enjoying the moment vs enjoying the arena.

Sunrise vs sunset.

And that is it.

My Next Tattoo is confirmed.

Now just to decide whether I stick to my original plans and fly to Bali for the tattoo, or have it done elsewhere…

What meaningful tattoos do you have?

I’d love to know.

Stay well friends.


Video in comments :

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