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Optimising The Client Journey

As you know, I have doubled down on my biggest strength in business, and that is helping solopreneurs with their fulfilment.

Helping fit pros optimise their client journey, attract, hire & manage a high performance coaching team, and help them create freedom to scale.

With that in mind, I want to share a few tips for you to create an unforgettable journey for your clients, and one that never ends.

You know, the kind of journey where the clients want to stay around forever, and keep paying you for the privilege to do so…

First, buyers remorse.

As soon as someone pays for anything, there is a chance they’ll regret it. Now imagine putting your life savings into an online program, with no promise other than it is going to be incredibly hard work… With this in mind, as business owners, we have to be sure to counteract this buyers remorse by being fast in our actions.

We need to instantly communicate with our new clients post purchase, giving them instant access to course content and introduce them to the community. The sooner we can get the ball rolling for the client, the quicker we can kill the inevitable self doubt and regret that they’ll have.

Second, impact and results.

There is no surprise here, but the sooner you can share value and help get your clients a result, the higher chance that your client will become a raving fan of you and your business.

Design your program and services to produce a result in the quickest timeframe possible with the least resistance, this is imperative for the psychology of your clients.

Third, personalised and relevant support.

Your clients will run into barriers and challenges. Ensure you have the support systems in place and that these are clear for clients, so that when these issues arise, you can resolve them quickly and efficiently.

The support does not necessarily need to be 24/7, and endless 1to1 calls, but your clients need to know they can get the personal support when they need it.

Fourth, community and inclusion.

Your community is everything. Having a thriving community can explode or kill your online business, I have seen it first hand. Care for your community, be the leader they need and ensure you put your clients best interest at heart over another paycheck.

Welcome your clients with open arms, consistently show up for them and deliver incredible results. Do this, and your business will go from strength to strength.

Fifth, structure and ascension.

In the early days, you can get away with poor structure, tracking and guidance in your business. However, as things scale, you need more systems and support. One big mistake I see for business owners is not setting and implementing a structure for clients, specifically regarding milestone calls.

I highly recommend scheduling review calls with clients and strategic action plan calls, all ahead of time. This will enable you to monitor client performance, plus create an opportunity for the client to upsell into your next program.

This leads me to the final point, which is ascension. If we deliver an amazing result for a client, this will in time create another problem for them. With this in mind, we want to create an ascension plan for them to continue their success, solve their next problem and create an opportunity for them to purchase from you again.

Implement these 5 steps, your business will thrive and your clients will never leave.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for fulfilment. There is so much more that you can do.

If you need further guidance with your business, it is time to reach out.

I can help you improve your client results, increase the value of every client you work with, all whilst decreasing your working week.

Here to help.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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