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Pandemic Positives

As I reflect upon the previous year or two, pretty much since all this madness and pandemic began, I think there is so much we can learn.

Despite the endless list of negatives that have come from the challenging times, there are a few positives and this is what I want to focus on today.

So, let’s work our way through those :

  1. An improvement in the awareness and importance of health. This creates opportunity for personal trainers, online coaches and those of us in the fitness industry, as more people than ever before need our help.

  2. Time to slow down, reflect and prioritize our environment. I have spent the last 7-8 years traveling the world, always pushing for the next country, the next story and the next adventure. With the limitations that the pandemic brought with it, it forced me to stop and be still, and this makes me feel more grateful for the experiences I have had until this point.

  3. An increase in frugality and minimalism, due to the high level of uncertainty in the world. I believe this is a good thing, and the more people that can live below their means consistently, the happier we will be as a civilization.

  4. Improved relationships despite the limitations. Bear with me on this one, but I believe since all this started, I have spent more time communicating with those close to me than ever before, but I have also then spent less time with those who bring no value to me.

Anyway, these are a few positives from the pandemic and tough times we have had.

I know there are so so so many more, but I am hoping this has brought a smile to your face either way with these reflections.

What positives have you had during this time?

I hope you are happy & healthy.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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