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Quick reminder that you have endless potential…

Whilst presenting at an event recently, I was exposed and reminded about the limiting beliefs we tell ourselves every single day.

I was not the leading presenter at this event, which gave me an opportunity to sit back, and really take in the lessons, patterns & discussions being shared.

Taking a back seat gave me an interesting insight into the common challenges fit pro’s were facing in the present moment.

The amount that people were holding themselves back by was astounding.

Fears & frustrations evident everywhere.

Every single person was self sabotaging in one way or another, which made me think deeply about how I could potentially be holding back without even knowing.

It challenged me to be better.

It challenged me to push my boundaries.

It challenged me to dream bigger.

So with this in mind, I want you to take time to really reflect on your journey to today, and how you feel in the current moment.

You truly have endless potential.

You genuinely can achieve that goal you have written down on your notepad.

It really is you vs you.

Keep pushing your limits and strive for more.

You got this.

Samuel Main

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