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Robotic Routine

Whilst chatting with a mentor and friend I look up to, we spoke briefly about the importance of consistency, routine and the mundane tasks in business.

I expect that you may have already listened to podcasts/books that talk about morning & evening routines, or even spent time learning what daily actions you need in business to succeed.

With that in mind,I am not going to delve further into these.

But what I do want to emphasise, is just how damn important the boring tasks and actions in your business are.

Get ridiculously good at the boring actions & routine’s in business.

I mean, insanely consistent at those tasks.

Become so devoted to completing your non negotiables, they become part of you & your identity.

The outreach messages, the creation of content, the studying and the analysis of your metrics.

Become undeniably devoted to your craft.

Matt Fraser, arguably the GOAT of CrossFit, has been described as a robot when it comes to his training, nutrition and day to day life.

He’d go to sleep the exact same minute every evening, and wake up at the same time too.

He’d repeatedly eat the same nutritious foods, day in and day out.

He would stretch for hours on end, and consistently implement everything that was needed of him.

This made him unbeatable in his craft.

Create a routine for yourself that demands your best performance and allows you to build unstoppable momentum in your business.

Then, be relentless in your consistency.

You can do this.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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