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For those of you British followers, I hope you said this in the same way Jeremy Clarkson would say POWER.

But, this could be the number one reason you are failing in your business right now.

Whilst having a conversation with a high level coach and business owner, we were discussing marketing & sales for business owners.

Although I can usually hold my own in a conversation about marketing and sales, I also am no expert and have a lot to learn.

Of course understanding funnels, paids ads and knowing your numbers is important, but I was reminded of an extremely simple approach a lot of business owners will be missing.


Speed of communication.

Speed of replying to potential leads.

Speed of operations.

You see, when someone comments on your posts, sends you a message or signals for help, we have to operate with speed.

We have to contact, reply or call this person immediately whilst they are still in this emotional state.

We have to be proactive in moving this person along the buyers journey as soon as possible.

Ignoring the message, thinking you’ll get back to them in a few hours time, could mean you completely miss the opportunity.

Next time you have a lead reach out to you, operate with speed, reply, send them a personal video, get them on a sales call that day.

This is the tenacity you need to have in business to truly make a difference.

Hope this helps today legends.

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