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The art of procrastination…

I realized this week, I have a big tendency to overthink.

Overthink everythingggg…

What to build for my business.

What to wear in the morning.

Where I focus my attention.

This I believe comes from my ego, my perception of being judged, my fears etc.

We all have them.

However, upon speaking with a mentor and a person I look up to in the personal development & business industry, it quickly became apparent how much I had over thought & over analyzed a simple decision.

I had become a professional in procrastination because of my eagerness for perfection.

In the game of transparency, I want to share this learning curve with you & hopefully you can grow with me.

It became frighteningly apparent that all I actually needed to do was to take action.

Start with a small step.

The concepts in which multiple books talk about…

Ready, Fire, Aim.

5 Second Rule.

Eat That Frog.

The Big Leap.

I even coach this to others too…

‘Imperfect action trumps perfect inaction’.

We simply need to pick a direction, and start walking, then refine & optimize as you go.

So, with this all said.

This week, I’ll be hitting record on my first ever podcast attempt…

My OCD brain initially went to finding all the best equipment, guests, building processes, systems, and a posting schedule.

Everything that wasn’t important, to avoid hitting the record button.

The podcast is an excuse for me to learn from other epic humans and to have fun whilst documenting my journey.

It promises to be a learning curve for me, and probably a lot of comedy for you too.

More to follow soon.

But here’s a little chapter below that I prepared when writing the structure of this post, which I haven’t edited since…

Life is so f*cking short.

Stop wasting time.

Relentlessly chase the lifestyle you seek.

Be unapologetic about who you are & what you desire.

Be a better human.

Much love.

Samuel Main

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