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The Big Magic.

The Big Magic

I have been spending a lot more time learning, studying and pursuing fun endeavours this year.

I have also been revisiting books that had an impact on me, to which I have started reading ‘The Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

There is a story that I found incredibly powerful, about a guy who simply lived on his own terms and mastered his schedule.

He was answering questions from those who wanted to learn more and follow his journey, and he responded with :

‘They must live their most creative lives as a means of fighting back against the ruthless furnace of this world.’

When we take apart this short quote, there are many powerful principles to learn.

1 - Must live their most creative lives….

This for me, signals that dreaming is one thing, but living it is another. It is also a notion towards creating living which for me is living to your full potential, fearless in your pursuit of what you seek and what you are passionate about.

2 - As a means of fighting back…

You see, you cannot be a victim. You cannot sit and let everything happen to you. If you want the life you seek, you have to fight back against the endless challenges that will come your way.

3 - Against the ruthless furnace of this world…

We all know the recent challenges has been rough for many people around the world, but here is the thing, challenges, pain and uncomfort is going to continue to be thrown your way. So do not settle for the future to be one of no challenges, but aim to become strong in the present moment.

So when we put all this together, it is a reminder that :

  • you must live to your potential,

  • you must have courage to live the life you dream of,

  • you must believe in yourself,

  • And finally, you have to take that leap.

I am going to continue learning, continue speaking my truth and helping those that follow the journey, and I hope you do too.

Go live your best life.

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main

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