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The Disconnect

I am fortunate enough to work with a few badass people.

Some are just getting started in their online business journey, some with a thriving team and a growing profit ratio.

However, one common theme I have noticed through my one to one calls, is the need for a disconnect.

You see, this pandemic, this lockdown and the imposed fear of being outside and socialising has brought upon it unforeseen challenges.

  • It has become easier than ever to wake up, and do nothing but work.

  • It has become so quick and simply to check work emails before bed.

  • It has become so painless to spend an extra hour or two at the desk.

Let alone, spend an increased amount of time aimlessly browsing social media.

We all fall victim to this at some stage, I certainly have.

I seem to go through stages, sometimes stages of zero tolerance to breaking my work / personal life boundaries, to then sometimes I am lying in bed at 10pm checking on clients.

This again, brings to attention how important it is to have time disconnected from the digital world, especially right now.

It also creates this false identity making yourself and your business seem as one, but this is another topic for another time ;)

The usual tips & tricks can of course be utilised to help you disconnect, like :

  • No electronics in the bedroom.

  • Deleting apps / shutting down laptops / phones past work hours.

  • Having a specific location to work from each day.

  • Intentionally include relaxation into your end of day switch off.

  • Creating a morning routine that doesn’t include social media.

However, two things which I think are imperative for success in disconnecting, are awareness and discipline.

You see, without awareness of how addicted we are to screens, we cannot make a positive change.

The other, is discipline.

Without discipline, we will continue to let social media, screentime and the pressure of work and business affect our sleep, relationships and overall health.

So, you have to have discipline to keep the phone away from the bedroom, to stay off social media when with the kids or to stick to a morning routine.

Start making conscious decisions regarding disconnecting from the digital world, and I promise you’ll be a lot happier for it.

And, ironically, start earning more money, have more sex and get back to enjoying your business again.

Make a conscious effort to disconnect from the digital world so you can connect to the real world.

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main

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