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The lazy approach

Bill Gates once said that he would always “hire a lazy person to do a difficult job” at Microsoft.

You’ve probably heard about this before, but I want to expand on this.

A lazy person will find a way to get the job done in half the time, half the energy or half the resources.

And, if you are anything like me, you probably feel lazy 90% of the time too.

However, something that has become drastically important for me in business and in life, is the creation of processes and systems for normal operations.

Call it life SOPs if you’d like.

Despite what social media may show you, I am not motivated all the time.

I have those ups and downs like everyone else, but what I have put in place is systems and processes to ensure I maintain high standards.

The reason I bring up being lazy, unmotivated and the swings of energy that life can give us, is because I assume you may be the same and I want you to benefit.

So, let’s start to look at three key pillars of life :

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Relationships

Health, what process can you put in place to ensure you are eating high quality, nutritious meals each day?

Could you order a vegetable basket from the local market to be delivered every Monday morning?

Could you schedule time every Sunday to meal prep and freeze meals for the week?

Could you find a company and order meals to your door?

Wealth, could you set up automatic investments into your favourite funds each month?

Could you change your bank to an account that tracks and records all of your expenditure for you?

Could you schedule a day a month to review your finances in detail?

Relationships, an area for me to improve upon…

Could you set up a weekly date night with your partner?

Could you create an online calendar that you share with friends to book in special occasions?

Could you find a way to miss a meeting and go for a coffee with a friend instead?

You see, there are so many options and opportunities for us to improve our lives and our businesses too, maybe we just need to take the time like a lazy person would, and reflect on what can be done better.

Start creating your own life SOPs that help you operate to a higher standard and watch as your life begins taking shape.

Hope this helps today!

Speak soon,

Samuel Main

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