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The Organic Messaging Sweet Spot

I want to talk to you today about organic messaging.

Now my zone is fulfilment & managing coaching teams, but I have had a lot of exposure to marketing & copy too.

I have frequently heard recently that fit pro’s are struggling with holding conversations with potential clients online.

So, here are a few tips & tricks that I wanted to share :

  1. Volume.

  2. There is no secret. You need to develop the emotional stability to put in the work in the early days of growing your business. You need repetition to develop your skills and create opportunities for you within your business.

  3. Until you have put in significant volume, and been shot down multiple times too, your sole focus is to continue putting in the work and developing the skill of messaging.

  4. Skill development.

  5. Once you are putting in consistent work and hitting volume with your organic marketing & messaging, we want to continue to refine your skills.

  6. This can be done by reading an endless amount of books to support your development. A personal favourite of mine is SPIN messaging.

  7. We also want to develop the habit of reviewing your messages & your messaging script frequently. Although this can be a painful & challenging process, it can be instrumental to your success too.

  8. Understanding the limitations & rules.

  9. It is no shock, but the limitations across social media are only increasing day by day. Posts are not as viewable as they once were. Content doesn’t get shared as much. It is easier than ever to be banned on all platforms.

  10. With this in mind, we want to push the boundaries as much as possible with our organic marketing. We want to see how many messages you can send each day without getting banned. We want to send friend requests and start those relationships, again without being banned. By flirting the line of what is possible, you put yourself in the best position possible to succeed.

By performing as best as possible in each of these three areas, we put ourselves in the optimal place to grow our business and serve more clients.

This, I call the messaging sweet spot.

If you can find that, you won’t have to worry about creating opportunity again.

Hope this helps today.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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