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The spreadsheet matrix

Yesterday, I got lost in the matrix.

I spent hours fixing formulas, changing a client tracker and modifying years of data.

I am one of those weird people that kinda enjoys this…

But the reason I enjoy it is not for the satisfaction of finding the best formula for the job, but for what the data tells me once it is complete.

You see, I spent hours putting together a client tracker for a company I consult for, which would display the performance of their coaching team and ultimately their entire business.

From this, I can make adjustments and add $10k, $50k & possibly $100k+ to the yearly revenue they collect, whilst improving client results and coach satisfaction…

Not a bad area to focus on, wouldn’t you agree?

The admin of data is not always fun and rewarding, but without knowing your starting point in business, how do you know if you have made progress month on month?

This would be like starting a weight loss program without taking your weight or measurements on day 1.

Sure, you could notice some changes in the mirror, but you have no accurate data to portray your success.

So, spending a few hours editing the client tracker and ensuring that it would display key metrics for the business was incredibly worthwhile.

Metrics like :

  • Graduation Rate

  • Success Rate

  • Retention Rate

  • Average Client Lifetime Value

  • Cancellation Rate

If you are running a service based business, you need to know these metrics above.

Again, you need to have a starting point, so you can determine whether you are making progress in your business or not.

It also highlights the specific area you should focus on for maximum growth, if you do it right.

Soon, I’ll be sharing everything you’ll need to establish these metrics whilst expanding and developing your coaching team, improving client results and increasing your business revenue.

It already is the best work I have ever created...

Keep watching, more to come soon ;)

If you have any questions on this, be sure to let me know down below.

Hope this has helped today.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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