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The Three Phases To The Customer Journey.

Whilst reviewing a recent contract, I wanted to develop a repeatable process which I can use to duplicate the results.

This led me to mapping out the customer journey in detail, and really delving into what areas we should focus on for maximum efficiency, results and optimal client experience.

With this, I thought these insights that I gained would be helpful for anyone who also delivers a program, and has clients progress through a journey.

So let’s explore further customer journey together, specifically relating to fulfilment.

Phase 1, is the onboarding of the client post sale.

In this stage, we are going to ensure we reset the expectations for the client, initiate tracking, grant all access to content / support required, perform an initial assessment and deliver the matching action plan.

By the end of Phase 1, the client should be all set up ready to begin, excited, motivated and have total clarity of the next steps.

Phase 2, is the week by week delivery of your program.

In this stage, we are delivering the main pillars of your program, with regular communication between the client, frequent touchpoints and milestones for additional reviews.

This phase should be repeatable and reliable for you within your business, it also should be clear and direct towards delivering a result for the client.

Phase 3, is the gradation of your client.

This graduation come’s at the end of the clients program so far. In this stage, we want to have a strategic review of the clients results, experience and next steps. We want to provide an opportunity to continue within the program, and continue to expand upon the results already delivered.

Typically there are two options here, the client either continues to stay within your community and program, or they’ll choose to end the working relationship for now.

This is a phase that I see far too many coaches missing opportunity on, and an area I believe can significantly impact and change your business for the better.

If you can begin to review each phase of your business & program, it will allow you to develop & optimise each section.

Optimising your client journey, creating leverage, and establishing the freedom to scale, you know, it’s kinda my thing ;)

Hope this helps today.

If you are looking to continue your growth as a business owner, it is time to get in touch.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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