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This week, I wanted to expand on a realisation from the working week.

And, I think it is something that could really help you in your business too.

You see, it is easy to follow the crowd and replicate what every other business is doing.

We see other businesses having success with certain marketing strategies, sales scripts or program deliverables, and we want to replicate that success.

And I have been guilty of this too.

However, I really want to remind you that there are so many ways for you to achieve your business dreams.

Yes it is useful to follow a process that has proven to work, but there is just as much value in finding a different way.

This week, I challenged my clients to take more time to think, to think bigger than ever before and to think outside the box.

5 day challenges, Hunting in groups or cold messaging does not have to be the only way for you to be profitable.

Subsequently, being unique and standing out is a sure fire way to break away from the norms we now see.

So, head to a coffee shop, grab a notepad, put your headphones in and start asking better questions about your business.

We always need to work hard, but working smarter will help too.

Hope this has helped today!

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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