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Two Keys To Building A Business

Whilst having a few beers with a friend on the weekend, you know, I am human too…

We were discussing my business, the fitness industry and the influx of coaches that we have within the industry.

He was shocked at how many coaches were trying online coaching, plus how well a small majority of these coaches are doing.

It is only a small percentage, but there are personal trainers and coaches that have scaled their fitness businesses to be £30k+ every single month, and more.

This was astounding to him, which I can absolutely see why. It would have startled me when I was first introduced to the high ticket coaching space.

However, the more I broke it down to him, with probably a few swigs of cider in between, (somerset boy, if you know you know), the higher clarity he gained.

I shared how coaches can build a team of people around them to help create leverage, charge a fair but high price, deliver incredible results and scale accordingly.

I shared with him a few of the tips & tricks I use too, but those will be for another day ;)

A few ciders later, he asked me what makes these business owners so good at what they do, and I broke it down into two character traits.

There are more, but these were the two that stood out at the time.

Resourcefulness and Resilience.

Resourcefulness is the ability to find an answer, use the resources you have available and to complete a task despite any excuses you may have.

Adapting to the times and using every skill and ounce of energy you have to grow the business.

Resilience, because in business, you are going to fail more times than you can count. You are going to be shot down daily, you will be going against the norms of society every single day.

The resilience to keep showing up everyday, despite the difficulties, is a key character trait to making someone successful.

Once I’d broken down the economics of high ticket, talked through how to build a coaching team to help you go from solopreneur to business owner, plus had another sip of cider, he asked me how he could get started.

You see, it is possible. Only a small percentage of people will have the resourcefulness & resilience to get there, but I promise, if you continue building day by day, you can do it too.

Interested in building a coaching team too?

Hit reply and let me know.

Hope this has helped today.

Speak soon.

Samuel Main

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